Counseling Center

Welcome to the Asbury Counseling Center! We are pleased to have the opportunity to serve you and help meet your needs. We are licensed marriage and family therapists who specialize in offering Christ-centered individual, couple, and family therapy. Our mission is to be an outreach of Asbury Church to its members and surrounding area. As our client(s), you will experience compassion, expertise in the treatment of psychological and relational issues, and the life changing power of Jesus Christ. Services
  • Christ-Centered Individual, Couple, and Family Therapy
  • EMDR Trauma Therapy
  • Sandtray Therapy
  • ThriveSphere Couple’’s Check-in
  • Premarital Counseling
  • Various on-going workshops
  • Support Groups Anger Management Allie’s Hope: Parents of children having seizures Multiple Sclerosis Cancer Unequally Yoked in Marriage Single and Parenting Conquering Addictions Through Christ
Practical Issues As our client(s), you have the right to be informed about the therapy program you will be engaged in. These rights include:
  1. The right to ask questions about therapy. Your therapist will explain his/her therapy approach and methods used upon request.
  2. The right to end therapy at any time without any moral, legal, or financial obligations other than those already incurred.
  3. The right to know the Code of Ethics followed by your therapist.
  4. The right to specify and negotiate therapeutic goals and to renegotiate them when necessary.
  5. The right to be fully informed of the limits of confidentiality in the therapy setting.
  6. The right to know if there has been no session activity or phone contact recorded for a period of 4 weeks, your client file will automatically closed. In most circumstances, a client file can be re-opened upon completion of a new intake and payment of any delinquent fees.
Appointments Appointments are usually scheduled for 50 minutes, commonly known as a “clinical hour”. Your therapist will schedule your appointments and provide a reminder card. Each therapist on staff maintains their own individual schedule. You may be seen at our central campus and 15th & St. Paul, or our west campus at 119th & Pawnee. We have availability Monday thru Saturday. Fees counseling_happy_galThe first meeting with your therapist is free of charge. This allows you a “no obligation” time to get to know your therapist. Cost of appointments with a licensed MFT: Asbury Attenders- $50 per session Non-attenders- $70 per session Appointments with a pre-licensed intern- $40 per session Discounts are available to those having proof of a financial hardship. Confidentiality Because of the personal nature of information revealed in therapy, every effort will be made to respect the confidentiality of every client. The information from the therapy sessions will remain confidential with the therapist within the guidelines established by Kansas State regulations. By State Law, the rights of confidentiality do not apply under the following conditions.
  1. When a client may be a danger to him or herself or to others
  2. When a child, elderly, or disabled person may be subject to abuse or neglect
  3. When a court order exists or the therapist or records are subpoenaed by the court
Should any of the above situations occur, your therapist will inform you of his/her responsibilities and actions. Contacting Your Therapist counseling_happy_manPhone: Please check with your individual therapist to identify the best times to contact them by phone. You may call the Asbury church office and be forwarded to the counseling center. However, each therapist maintains a confidential mobile phone number. Should you need to contact your therapist outside of the hours they have specified, feel free to leave a voicemail message with the counseling center. Please understand that your call may not be returned until the next working day for that therapist. In the case of an emergency, please use your therapist’s mobile number. E-mail: Please do not share detailed or personal information in emails. Email messages cannot be guaranteed confidential because of possible unauthorized access. It is also important to know that any email communication will be included in a client’s clinical file. Please do not use email for emergencies.