Asbury's Round-The-Clock Prayer Vigil: February 22nd-27th

Join Your Asbury Family in Prayer

The United Methodist Church will meet in St. Louis for the General Conference 2019. During this very important time, we are committing ourselves to praying round-the-clock for the conference, attendees and our future. 

We are asking for volunteers -- adults, youth and children -- to sign up for a 30-minute time throughout the 6 days of the General Conference. Below you will find information to help guide you through your time of prayer. We know that our HOPE is only found in Christ. Let's lift our Church and Denomination to Christ in Prayer!

Want to Pray?

If you would like to pray, please email Sarah (  with your preferred 30-minute block of time from February 22nd-27th. You may take as many timeslots as you would like. Sign-up sheets will also be available in the Foyer on Sunday mornings. 

General Conference 2019 Prayer Guide

Prayer Points

  • That the UMC would desire to have repentant hearts - Psalm 51
  • Pray that the delegates will treat one another with dignity, civility and respect
  • That the UMC would desire to please God, not people
  • That the UMC would desire to be obedient to the Lord Jesus Christ, willingly carrying our cross and following Him closely in all things
  • That the UMC would choose a high view of scripture as God’s Word
  • That God’s will be done, and His name exalted, regardless of what transpires. 
  • That Asbury would have a sense of unity and peace...PLUS wisdom and clarity for where God is leading us

Please Pray for These People by Name


Great Plains Annual Conference Delegates to GC 2019

  • Adam Hamilton
  • Amy Lippoldt
  • Mark Holland
  • Cheryl Jefferson Bell
  • David Livingston
  • Junius Dotson
  • Eduardo Bousson
  • Stephanie Ahlschwede
  • Nathan Stanton
  • Ashley Prescott Barlow‐Thompson
  • Kibum Kim
  • Rebecca Hjelle
  • Anne Gatobu
  • Rick Just
  • Oliver Green 
  • Shayla Jordan 
  • Dixie Brewster
  • Lisa Maupin
  • Wesley Gately
  • Keith Olsen
  • Randall Hodgkinson
  • Esther Hay
  • Robert Aderholt
  • Sandy Simmons
  • Carl Nord
  • Steve Baccus
  • Shane Hinderliter

Council of Bishops

Please pray for the 63 Bishops who will be at the General Conference

Global Annual Conference Delegates

Please pray for all the delegations from around the world

Suggested Scripture Passages to Use in Your Prayer Time

Psalm 1

Psalm 24

Psalm 46

Psalm 51

Psalm 63

Psalm 96

 Psalm 119

Psalm 139

Psalm 150

Luke 15:11-31

John 17:1-25

Romans 12:9-21

Galatians 5:16-25

Ephesians 4:29-32

Ephesians 6:10-20

Philippians 2:6-11

1 Peter 3:8-16

I Peter 5:6-11

Wesleyan Covenantal Prayer: Pray on Behalf on Asbury and the United Methodist Church

I am no longer my own but yours. Put me to what you will, rank me with whom you will; put me to doing, put me to suffering; let me be employed for you, or laid aside for you, exalted for you, or brought low for you; let me be full, let me be empty, let me have all things, let me have nothing: I freely and wholeheartedly yield all things to your pleasure and disposal. And now, glorious and blessed God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, you are mine and I am yours. And the covenant now made on earth, let it be ratified in heaven. Amen.

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