Asbury Preschool COVID-19 REsponse

To our Childhood Development Center parents/guardians,

As you are aware, these are days filled with uncertainty and anxiety as it relates to the concerns relating to the COVID-19 (coronavirus disease). And while we don’t want to overreact, we at Asbury Church want you to know that your child’s health and safety are of utmost importance to us. 

Because the Child Development Center (CDC) is a ministry of Asbury Church, I (Rick Just, Senior Pastor), have been in consultation with Shandy Kurth, the CDC Director, and the Church Board of the church. We have also been in contact with other pre-schools and Day Care Centers as it relates to the current coronavirus concerns. In light of these conversations we have made the following determinations as they relate to best practices regarding health concerns for your children, the teachers, and the church.

· At this point, the CDC will remain open unless directed by the Federal, State, or local government agency. That means we will still be open if USD 259 chooses to close.  The least amount of disruption to your lives is our goal, and as long as there is no threat to your children, teachers, or the church body, we will continue to keep the doors open unless mandated to close. 

· We do understand that some may choose to keep their children home during this time. We totally understand and that is your choice. But as mentioned above, unless we are mandated to close, we will seek to offer class to your children. This means we will hold to our current policy which states that your financial obligations remain intact for us to continue to cover our fixed costs of teachers, directors, facilities, etc. 

· Should there be a mandated closing, we will graciously work with you to prorate your tuition. This will be based upon a 14 day quarantine as determined by the medical community. Should there be a time period that goes beyond those 14 days, we will evaluate the financial implications and make you aware of the decision made by the Asbury Church Board.

I want to thank Shandy for being proactive in this. She has been working hard to be able to assure you that your children are in good hands. I also want to assure you that we would never do anything to put your children in harms way. This is a very fluid situation and each day brings about its own unique questions and concerns. Many care centers have not even put a policy together. One center didn’t even realize there was a problem. So I feel confidant that we are providing a safe place for your children. 

This is not a time for fear or for hysteria. Life is already filled with that. That is evident by the way people are acting in the Walmarts and grocery stores. As a Church and as Christians we cling to the promise that Jesus is with us every step of the way. He promises never to leave us nor forsake us. And His promises are trustworthy and true. 

We are praying for you as parents, as grandparents, as guardians. We are praying for the children and the teachers. And we are praying that Asbury Church will provide you with a safe place, both physically and spiritually, as we navigate these choppy waters together. 

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Shandy. If you need to speak with me, I am happy to respond.

God bless,

Rev. Rick Just

Senior Pastor – Asbury Church