Prayer Requests as of June 13th, 2019


· Brett & Cindy Hoelzer made it back to US safely

· Baby Isla, adjusting well to the permanent trach & ventilator

· Wanda Wood is doing much better

· Kim Colwell’s son, Brian, starts a new job on the 17th

· Irv Sullivan doing well after fall

· Bobby’s friend Robert had new treatment for brain cancer, last scan tumor is gone


· Max Walker is having major health issues, seeing surgeon 6/18 to schedule surgery

· Ernestine Russell – medication complications, clarity on how to proceed needed

· Kent McEntire family asking prayer for Kathleen’s mother, Loretta, she isn’t doing well

· Lorraine, friend of Mary Jo’s is having a double mastectomy 6/13

· Susan Habeger – heart health concerns

· John Habeger – more rest

· George Hayden – Bike Across Kansas

· Mike Kizzire’s brother-in-law, Steve Ayala – infection in hip bone

· Ken Dean – health complications after elbow surgery

· Mel Kitts’ brother Bob Kitts – health issues

· Sandy Gault – root canal infection

· Bob Campbell –– surgery to replace vein in leg TBD

· Larry McCreight’s arm is not healing. 

· Kristina Johnson-Eck asking prayer for a friend that is having diagnostic testing. Please pray for a positive outcome. Victoria is needing prayers for healing as the Dr. adjusts her implant to relieve pain

· Ben Moore family – asking prayer for Kent Matthews


· Jonathan Woods family – traveling on vacation


· Brett Hoelzer’s dad, Harold, slow recovery from lung cancer

· Ben Moore family asking prayer for Jimmie Rogers – esophageal cancer 

· Cindy Brockhoff asking prayer for Michelle Nicolay who has a brain tumor and Annette McKinley who has cancer

· Kristin Dahm asking prayer for co-worker, Abby, (26) diagnosed with breast cancer  

· Stephanie Rahm, lung cancer, friend of Carol Hare

· Arden Strole’s – non-hodgkin’s lymphoma

· Ben Moore family friend, Mike Sellers, battling lung cancer

· Kristina Johnson-Eck asking prayer for Glenda Morgan, stage 4 cancer

· Jennifer Mangold’s 2nd cousin Jack has cancer – end of life

· Connie White’s friend Angela, brain tumor

· Debbie Reimer , breast cancer

· Dorenda’s Perez’s brother David Hogan – new diagnosis of colon cancer

· Diana – ovarian cancer, friend of Kristina Johnson-Eck

· Brenda, friend of Keesling’s – cancer diagnosis

· Leonard Weigand – bone cancer


· Asking prayer for Liam Butler, one of our preschoolers - waiting on treatment options. Diagnosed with Alpha Thalassemia, a problem with his hemoglobin

· Teresa Naramore – has drop foot on her right side

· Dick Miller – blockage in esophagus

· Nancy Miller – pain management

· Ben Moore family asking prayer for Dale Goodrich and George Schuckman 

· Rinehart family – life circumstances

· Daril Rice’s friend, Jerry Barnett, losing vision

· Cindy Brockhoff – Abi-car crash/burned; McKenzie & Brendon Gee

· Joy Kirk’s brother-in-law, Lamoine King, severe heart issues

· Jim Bircher, friend of Daril Rice – feeling the crippling effects of “Agent Orange

· Bobby Buford’s friends, Martha Foster & Pat Stanley both Alzheimer 

· UMC denomination 



· Jonathan Woods family – traveling on vacation

· Kailers biking across WI


· Brittain’s grandson Shane – stationed in Japan

· Brittain’s friend of family – stationed in Kuwait

· Robert Dyer family asking prayer for Alec – in AF in Turkey


· WCA Global

· Angel Tree Inmate registration

· VBS – kids attending and volunteers


· Family & friends of Richard Pina, friend of the Hayden’s

To submit a prayer request, simply send Mary Jo an email (

To submit a prayer request, simply send Mary Jo an email (