Prayer Requests as of December 6th, 2018


· Praise for Cindy Sallinger’s daughter, graduated KU

· Linda Reith – improvement with eye treatment

· Darletha Moore – starting to feel better

· Esther Kanady – car accident, monor scratch, thankful it wasn’t worse

· Kammi Anderson’s dad – Kansas Heart Hospital, no surgery needed – going home

· Gary Crook car accident in Towanda, thankful he wasn’t hurt


· Keith Kirk’s cousin, Gary Kirk has major head trauma, flown to hospital in Lincoln, NE for special treatment

· Douglas Stukey family asking prayer for Taylor Claar – in Army, had accident and waiting to determine his sight, surgery 12/5

· Martina, friend of Dahm’s, has anemia & auto immune disease. Blood transfusion this week


· Liam, 4 years old, health issues

· Marian Hargraves – had a fall, now at Via Christi McLean memory care

· Marian Bolen – cancer treatments

· Jean Emerson – wearing heart monitor

· Carol Smith – health issues

· Cindy Brockhoff – Abi – car accident – burn victim in OK, McKenzie & Brendan Wheelock

· Prayers for preschool children, they are having flu issues

· Bobby Buford asking prayer for graddaughter, Devan, health issues

· Keith Kirk’s cousin Dennis Fullman, pancreatic cancer spread to liver

· Joy Kirk’s brother-in-law, Lamoine King, severe heart issues

· Mindi Franz – hip replacement 12/7, Kansas Surgery Center 11:00am

· Kim Colwell’s granddaughter, life issues

· Brooklyn Faith – 6 month old with multiple health issues

· Linda DeFraties – broken foot, hopes to be more mobile

· Ben Moore family asking prayer for Jack McKown, Roger Lashley, Brian Miller

· Michael Rowe family asking prayer for Sue Wilkey now in rehab

· Connie White – pray for my finances

· Mary Terry asking prayer for family unity


· Trudy Miller – leukemia

· Aladieff family friend, Mike Mora – lung cancer, pray for treatments to start working

· Pastor Terry Cash – Offerle UMC is in St Francis with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, metastasized to his liver.

· Doug Stukey family asking prayer for cousin Carol. Carol has cancer & is in a lot of pain.

· Cindy Brockhoff asking prayer for Brendon Wheelock

· Debbie Reimer , breast cancer

· Dorenda’s Perez’s brother David Hogan – new diagnosis of colon cancer, and financial concerns

· Doug Crawford, colon cancer

· Dennis Fullman, Keith Kirk’s cousin, pancreatic cancer spread to liver

· Donnie Berry – cancer, going through chemo

· Rising family asking prayers for the Roth family – he has cancer of neck and head

· Debbie Thompson’s husband, Troy – lung cancer

· Margaret Naylor’s friend has bone cancer

· Jessica Claybrock suffering from aggressive brain tumor. She needs a miracle

· Sharon Bellis asking prayer for friend with ovarian cancer

· Billy Stone – cancer, taking strong chemo

· Diana – ovarian cancer, friend of Kristina Johnson-Eck

· Kristina Johnson-Eck – Aunt Glenda

· Brenda, friend of Keesling’s – cancer diagnosis

· Steve Clark – brain tumor

· Ryan Finn – stage 4 cancer

· Deb Derber’s friends 5 year old son has stomach cancer

· Maddy Rodell – diffuse large B cell lymphoma

· Leonard Weigand – bone cancer

· Jennie Fritz - cancer

· Esther Shank

· Lavern Morris

· Lisa Craven – biopsy, one was benign & one will be rechecked in six months

· Oscar Thomasson

· Marcella Reeves


· Kristine Hudeib’s son fighting addition

· Richard Andersen waiting for decision on treatment

· Charlene Johnson – pray for family

· Brady Van Aukens mom Debra – PT at Via Christi

· Kathryn Dunham sister of Marcia Lenhart, continue prayers for treatment for TB

· Michael Rowe’s friend, Don Roberts, brain surgery

· Carol Williams asking for prayer for her family

· Betty Lindley – life circumstances

· Dalton Derber – wheelchair for 31/2 months

· Ms Kristi – pressure behind eye, Ms Kristi is one of our preschool teachers, scheduling surgery

· Derrick Dahm’s dad Dwayne- had fluid removed from lungs

· Jim Bircher, friend of Daril Rice – feeling the crippling effects of “Agent Orange

· Richard & Kathy Shoffner – Richard in ICU Wesley – had a fall

· Charles, Jacque Perkins’ dad, numbness in feet and legs

· James Koang Bell, Asbury missionary, family circumstances

· Jariah Wedel & family as he battles addictions

· Barb Russell – recovering from jaw surgery, long recovery

· Karin Glenn-Miller’s daughter Lynsey, complications with pregnancy 

· Fuller family friend – Bekah Remedios, brain surgery, Bekah is Brie Wallace’s sister

· Del Rinehart – vertigo 

· Jacque Perkins’ mom, Katherine, in hospice in OK. 

· Jerry Barnett, friend of Daril Rice needs vision in good eye

· Wanda Bellew – Diagnosed with congestive heart failure, responding well to meds 

· Ann Willis needs prayer for recovery & future concerns

· Roy & Carolee Bennett & family – need prayer for ongoing health issues

· Steve & Susan Clark, friends of Hayden’s – Steve has brain tumor

· Bobby Buford’s friends, Martha Foster & Pat Stanley both Alzheimer 

· George and Mary Ward – George in home hospice care

· Dorothy & Maggie Garms

· Jack Van Es Family 

· UMC denomination 



· WCA Global

· Angel Tree


· Family and friends of Harry Sutton

· Lauren & Andrew for Morgan’s passing, 4 ½ years old

To submit a prayer request, simply send Mary Jo an email (

To submit a prayer request, simply send Mary Jo an email (