Prayer Requests as of July 18th, 2019


· Brittain’s grandson Shane – back at McConnell AFB, Wichita

· Brittain’s friend – Todd coming back to McConnell AFB, Wichita 7/25

· Arden Strole – went home from hospital, feeling better

· Susan Habeger – heart stress test results good

· Debbie Hall – home with “Angles Home Health Care”

· Jim Bircher is free of Leukemia – continued prayers appreciated for “Agent Orange”

· Jerry Barnett’s vision in good eye has stabilized – continued prayers for obstructions to clear


· Bob Erdman – St Francis

· Esther Kanady – St Francis

· Cathleen Ramirez’s daughter Elizabeth – possible pancreatitis, may need gall bladder surgery


· Pastors brother, Rod – shoulder surgery, looking at long recovery

· Sid Rowe asking prayer for Richard LaMunyon, having cardioversion

· Winnie Cloud – is having hip pain

· Marie – back pain

· Bobby Buford asking prayer for Josh & Devan – life struggles

· Deb Derber asking prayer for healing for Esther Kanady

· Travis Lee, Carol Hare’s son-in-law – six months of chemo for renal vein cancer

· Carol Smith – please pray for our family

· Mary Terry asking prayer for patience

· Carol Williams asking prayer for her continued healing

· Carol Kissack – broken foot, praying for healing

· Ben Moore family asking prayer for Dale Goodrich

· Lauren, Carolyn Helms’ son & family – moving from Florida to Oklahoma City

· Carol Hare asks that we pray for all our teenagers


· Brittain’s neighbor and friend, Carol, has cancer and needs prayers

· Cindy Brockhoff asking prayer for Brendon Wheelock, Michelle Nicolay and Annette McKinley who all have cancer

· Brett Hoelzer’s dad, Harold, slow recovery from lung cancer

· Ben Moore family asking prayer for Jimmie Rogers – esophageal cancer 

· Kristin Dahm asking prayer for co-worker, Abby, (26) diagnosed with breast cancer  

· Stephanie Rahm, lung cancer, friend of Carol Hare

· Arden Strole’s – non-hodgkin’s lymphoma

· Ben Moore family friend, Mike Sellers, battling lung cancer, and asking prayer for Kent Mathews

· Kristina Johnson-Eck asking prayer for Glenda Morgan, stage 4 cancer

· Jennifer Mangold’s 2nd cousin Jack has cancer – end of life

· Connie White’s friend Angela, brain tumor

· Debbie Reimer , breast cancer

· Dorenda’s Perez’s brother David Hogan – new diagnosis of colon cancer

· Diana – ovarian cancer, friend of Kristina Johnson-Eck

· Brenda, friend of Keesling’s – cancer diagnosis

· Leonard Weigand – bone cancer


· Nancy Boyd – broke hip while visiting son in MI

· Ernestine Russell – prayers for healing and comfort

· Ray Holmes – fell, is in skilled nursing

· Sid Rowe asking prayer for healing for Mike

· Judy Beebe’s mom, Esther Shank had a back fracture

· Mary Terry asking prayer for her nephew that he will cease his gambling addiction

· Twila Chaloupek’s aunt, Laurinda – end of life decisions & family’s strained relationships

· Chris Vogt, wife of previous Pastor Jerry – post surgical complications

· Van Es family need prayer

· Bobby Buford’s son, Keith – life circumstances

· Bob Campbell –– surgery to replace vein in leg TBD, after 8/15

· Mike Kizzire’s brother-in-law, Steve Ayala – infection in hip bone

· Mel Kitts’ brother Bob Kitts – health issues

· Teresa Naramore – has drop foot on her right side

· Ben Moore family asking prayer for Dale Goodrich and George Schuckman  

· Rinehart family – life circumstances

· Daril Rice’s friend, Jerry Barnett, vision in good eye has stabilized. Pray for obstructions in his eye to clear

· Cindy Brockhoff – Abi-car crash/burned; McKenzie & Brendon Gee

· Joy Kirk’s brother-in-law, Lamoine King, severe heart issues

· Jim Bircher, friend of Daril Rice – feeling the crippling effects of “Agent Orange

· Bobby Buford’s friends, Martha Foster & Pat Stanley both Alzheimer 

· UMC denomination 



· All that are traveling on vacation

· 3 groups traveling to Cindi’s Hope in July

· Dyers on mission trip and wedding in Africa


· Robert Dyer family asking prayer for Alec – in AF in Turkey


· WCA Global

· Angel Tree Inmate registration


· Family & friends of Bill Phillips, father of Brad Phillips, son-in-law of Mike Rowe family

· Friends of Carol Hare – teen daughter took her life

· Family & friends of Florena Schneweis

· Family & friends of Bill Phillips

To submit a prayer request, simply send Mary Jo an email (

To submit a prayer request, simply send Mary Jo an email (