Prayer Requests as of April 7th, 2020


  • Rising’s granddaughter, Lily, has no temp and is healing
  • Lynne Keesling – Pathology reports margins clean – doing well
  • Doree Segen – full time position with law firm
  • Linda  Reith – results show no blockage in heart, good news!


  • Pastor Justin’s mom, Pat, in hospital in Iowa
  • Jack Van Es is in rehab at Wesley
  • Mary  Jo’s friend Zach Smith, in hospital in AZ with coronavirus
  • Bill Everhart’s friend in Wesely – extensive open heart surgery 4/6


  • Tracy Criman tested positive for COVID 19, prayers for this family, quarantined for 14 days
  • Linda Reith – having another shot in eye on 4/10
  • Cathleen’s daughter, Gracie, continued prayer
  • Rhonda & Greg, friends of Keeslings, Greg having CT scan 4/6 – pray there are no other tumors & a clear effective plan for treatment.
  • Bobby’s friend’s granddaughter, Dakota Davenport, nurse in Missouri, quarantined with high temp
  • People  in Karin Glenn-Miller’s building at work, now 3 have tested positive for coronavirus
  • Leota Terrill’s son, Gerald, continued health concerns
  • Jon Woods asking prayers for a friend who is in need of a lot of help for severe stress, depression, and anxiety and just lost mom
  • Julie Warkentin’s daughter, Jamie – baby girl due 5/21 with health issues
  • Allison Woods niece Kelly and her 2 daughters are compromised, need to stay safe from virus
  • Sid Rowe asking for us to remember those affected by the pandemic
  • Lift in prayer the ministries in Wichita that are trying to care for the homeless during this time
  • Prayers for Cathy Holley’s church and those that are ministering to people in her church
  • National flu & stomach virus outbreak including coronavirus


  • Tracy  Mountford’s nephew, Dominic – Marines, Kuwait
  • Hayden family friend, Nick, service in Afghanistan
  • Cindy Brockhoff’s friend, Zack Rodriguez – AF – Middle East
  • Brittain’s friend Todd, deployed (undetermined where)


  • WCA Global
  • General Conference 2020


  • Family and friends of Rachel,  Allison Wood’s aunt

To submit a prayer request, simply send Mary Jo an email (

To submit a prayer request, simply send Mary Jo an email (