Prayer Requests as of February 19th, 2019


·  Smith’s niece, Alicia – no cancer in lymph nodes

·  Mary Sinclair – back home

·  Easton Dahm – oral surgery went well

·  Arden Strole – removal of neck lymph node, went well

·  Connie White’s friend, Randy only needed adjustment to meds


·  Baby Stetson, 2 month old, at Children’s Mercy with unknown infection

·  Hudson Mills – 10-11 week old in Wesley NICU with RSV

·  Dexter’s brother-in-law, Barry Pelton – open heart surgery 2/18



·  Valerie Aladieff – important brain MRI in March

·  Benita Lane asking prayer for her dad, Robert Lane – broke hip and is in rehab

·  Karen Strawder’s mom in PT, she may do another week, needs to build strength

·  Barbara Russell – blood clot in right leg

·  Rinehart family – life circumstances

·  Joyce Brittain – waiting on results of test, should be in 2/25

·  Glenda Campbell – eye procedure on the 19th

·  Beverly Thornton – allergic reaction

·  Marcia Lenhart’s great-niece, Jessica, age 11, in OK has a brain bleed. Port for drainage is not working. She is in ICU. Please pray for her.

·  Ben Moore family asking prayer for Caren Dumler – heart attack, Segrid Cerf – cochlear reimplant

·  Jon Woods asking prayer for Allison, she has the flu

·  Greg Morris’ mom, LaVern in rehab to gain strength for upcoming surgery

·  Daril Rice’s friends, Bob & Judy Schuman – Judy is improving but Bob is in hospice care

·  Daril Rice’s friend, Jerry Barnett, losing vision

·  Bobby Buford’s friend, Leo Birkes, going into nursing home

·  Bobby Buford’s son-in-law, Joe White - pneumonia

·  Phyllis Glanville – arthritis flare up in the cold weather

·  Ann Willis – blockage affecting right leg and foot

·  Ann Willis’ brother, Ed Brawley fell and broke right knee

·  Douglas Stukey family asking prayer for cousin Kip, is in liver failure

·  Jean Emerson needs prayer

·  Keith Clark is not doing well right now

·  Everyone fighting viruses & allergies


·  Emmy, 2 yr old, fighting rare cancer

·  Ilene Reinke, friend of Deb Derber

·  Trudy Miller – leukemia

·  Doug Stukey family asking prayer for cousin Carol. Carol has gone home to comfort care

·  Debbie Reimer, breast cancer

·  Dorenda’s Perez’s brother David Hogan – new diagnosis of colon cancer, and financial concerns

·  Donnie Berry – cancer, going through chemo

·  Rising family asking prayers for the Roth family – he has cancer of neck and head

·  Billy Stone – cancer, taking strong chemo

·  Diana – ovarian cancer, friend of Kristina Johnson-Eck

·  Kristina Johnson-Eck – Aunt Glenda

·  Brenda, friend of Keesling’s – cancer diagnosis

·  Leonard Weigand – bone cancer

·  Lavern Morris

·  Oscar Thomasson


·  Bernice Proffitt – end of life

·  Jon & Allison asking prayer for their family

·  Jack Smith moved to Lakepoint for PT 1/28

·  Liz Bradshaw needs rotator cuff surgery

·  Liz Bradshaw’s uncle – end of life

·  Bishop Scott Jones – in Laos

·  Kim Colwell’s son, Brian – life issues

·  Keith Kirk’s cousin Dennis Fullman and wife Lily – Dennis nearing end of life

·  Ruth Faught’s sister, Betty Jo Baker, had a stroke

·  The Walker family asking prayer for Connie – health issues

·  Karin Glenn-Miller’s daughter, Linsey, tendonitis in both wrists

·  Gloria Rising – lengthy recovery from bone spur surgery

·  Linda Reith – tear in left eye membrane, prayers for healing

·  Mary Ann Scott’s grandson, Zack (18), end of life

·  Wanda Bellew’s daughter, Cheryl has complications with her back

·  Robert Dyer family asking prayer for Alec – in AF in Turkey

·  Cindy Brockhoff – Abi-car crash/burned; McKenzie & Brendon Gee

·  Bobby Buford – Devan & Josh Wyatt

·  Carol Smith – health issues

·  Dahm’s friend, Martina – anemia & autoimmune disease

·  Ben Moore family asking prayer for Jack McKown, Roger Lashley, Brian Miller & Pohlenz family

·  Joy Kirk’s brother-in-law, Lamoine King, severe heart issues

·  Kristine Hudeib’s son fighting addition

·  Jim Bircher, friend of Daril Rice – feeling the crippling effects of “Agent Orange

·  Bobby Buford’s friends, Martha Foster & Pat Stanley both Alzheimer

·  George and Mary Ward – George in-home hospice care

·  UMC denomination

·  USA


·  Kim Erney and her mom plan to drive back to KS from PA next week


·  WCA Global

·  Nancy Tanton – traveling to Kenya for one month from 2/4


·  Family & friends of Shellee Paige, Kralicek’s niece

·  Family & friends of Darren Minton, Lisa Huskin’s cousin

To submit a prayer request, simply send Mary Jo an email (

To submit a prayer request, simply send Mary Jo an email (