Prayer Requests as of September 12th, 2019


· Hayden’s son, Hunter, got engaged to his girlfriend, Bruin

· Bob Campbell is home, still needs prayer

· Liz Bradshaw – successful surgery for her shoulder

· Mike Kizzire – home recovering

· Brooke Grigg, friend of Sarah Brooks – doing much better

· Cathleen Ramirez’s dad – had pacemaker implanted successfully, is going home


· Sierra Bogle – St Francis for heart test/need valve replacement, surgery

· Don Windham – left carotid artery cleaned 9/9 


· Winnie Cloud arthritis in shoulder

· Allison Woods’s brother, David – headed home but still not in good health

· Dan Bellis family asking prayer for Lynn – leukemia, chemo treatments next few months

· Justin Lawrence asking prayer for Pat and Jason Lawrence – issues

· Connie White asking prayer for friend Juanita & family – Juanita’s dementia

· Bobby Buford asking prayer for Ruby Health issues

· George Hayden’s niece’s son, Trenton, 12 – having multiple seizure’s with unknown cause

· Ray Hemman – recovering from biking accident

· Carolyn Davis – health issues

· Deb Derber asking prayer for grandson, Dalton

· All those impacted by hurricane Dorian


· Travis Lee, Carol Hare’s son-in-law – six months of chemo for renal vein cancer

· Brittain’s neighbor and friend, Carol, has cancer and needs prayers

· Cindy Brockhoff asking prayer for Brendon Wheelock, Michelle Nicolay and Annette McKinley who all have cancer

· Ben Moore family asking prayer for Jimmie Rogers – esophageal cancer 

· Stephanie Rahm, lung cancer, friend of Carol Hare

· Ben Moore family friend, Mike Sellers, battling lung cancer, and asking prayer for Kent Mathews

· Kristina Johnson-Eck asking prayer for Glenda Morgan, stage 4 cancer

· Jennifer Mangold’s 2nd cousin Jack has cancer – end of life

· Connie White’s friend Angela, brain tumor

· Debbie Reimer , breast cancer

· Dorenda’s Perez’s brother David Hogan – new diagnosis of colon cancer

· Diana – ovarian cancer, friend of Kristina Johnson-Eck

· Brenda, friend of Keesling’s – cancer diagnosis

· Leonard Weigand – bone cancer


· Bobby Buford’s granddaughter, Megan, diagnosis and treatment plan for ileitis

· Pastor Rick’s brother, Rod, long term healing from shoulder surgery

· Bobby Buford asking prayer for Josh & Devan – life struggles

· Ernestine Russell – prayers for healing and comfort

· Sid Rowe asking prayer for healing for Mike

· Sid Rowe asking prayer for Richard LaMunyon

· Judy Beebe’s mom, Esther Shank had a back fracture

· Twila Chaloupek’s aunt, Laurinda – end of life decisions & family’s strained relationships

· Van Es family need prayer

· Mike Kizzire’s brother-in-law, Steve Ayala – infection in hip bone

· Mel Kitts’ brother Bob Kitts – health issues

· Teresa Naramore – has drop foot on her right side

· Ben Moore family asking prayer for Dale Goodrich and George Schuckman 

· Rinehart family – life circumstances

· Daril Rice’s friend, Jerry Barnett, vision in good eye has stabilized. Pray for obstructions in his eye to clear

· Cindy Brockhoff – Abi-car crash/burned; McKenzie & Brendon Gee

· Joy Kirk’s brother-in-law, Lamoine King, severe heart issues

· Jim Bircher, friend of Daril Rice – feeling the crippling effects of “Agent Orange

· Bobby Buford’s friends, Martha Foster & Pat Stanley both Alzheimer 

· UMC denomination 



· Tracy Mountford’s nephew, Dominic – Marines, Kuwait

· Hayden family friend, Nick, service in Afghanistan

· Robert Dyer family asking prayer for Alec – in AF in Turkey


· WCA Global

· Angel Tree 


· Family & friends of Arden Strole, funeral at Asbury 9/14 @ 10am, visitation at Downing & Lahey west, 9/13, 6-8pm

· Family & friends of Bill Wortman, lifetime friend of Bobby Buford

· Family & friends of Jill, Bonnie Dexter’s cousin

· Family & friends of Helen Havercroft, Patty Morris’ Mother

Elliot Mortuary, 1219 N Main, Hutchinson, Visitation 9/20, 6pm to 8pm - Memorial Service 9/21 – 2PM

Memorials in her name can be sent to Countryside Baptist Church, 819 W 39thAve,


To submit a prayer request, simply send Mary Jo an email (
To submit a prayer request, simply send Mary Jo an email (